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“I have known Kristy Manning in a professional capacity since 2004. As a corporate trainer specializing in Sales, Management and Leadership, I have the luxury of observing and working with hundreds of management professionals.

Kristy is one of those rare individuals I would describe as ‘plug
and play’. Kristy has exceptional problem solving skills and a
creative ability to see the ‘big picture’. She is a self starter that
is results oriented, who requires challenging assignments.

Kristy often delivers value beyond her designated work load. Give her an assignment and she will do the hard work often necessary to achieve a successful outcome. Her ‘plug and play’ ability comes from the fact that she will seek out additional assistance if needed; otherwise one can consider the assignment is on track.

Kristin WilliamsIn the several years I worked with Kristy during her role at the BBC, I was impressed with her desire to continue to build her skill set and her empathy in leading a team. Her natural curiosity and desire to learn and grow strengthens any collaborative work, resulting in thoughtful new ideas organizations profit from. The only advice I would offer a hiring manager, is if you don’t have a role for someone like Kristy, you’d be well served to create one.”

Kristin Williams
President, PBI Sales Training, Inc.

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